Welcome to EU’s Introduction to Account Management. We’re glad you’re here!

At EU, we are passionate about your success. Our mission is for you to envision and achieve your greatest success. 

This series on ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT is designed to equip you for success in this role. While we don’t pretend to provide you with all the tools and resources you’ll need, we will provide many of the fundamental building blocks to ensure success in your role and advancement of your career.

Each topic features a video where the key points are discussed. Each video is broken into segments with a few short questions after each to ensure understanding.

The series includes:

  • Introduction to Account Management - Discussion of the role
  • Extra Mile Service - Caring for Customers
  • Service Recovery - A plan for when things go wrong
  • Upselling - Selling additional work
  • Site Walks - Being effective and efficient in the field
  • Personality Profiles - Communication strategies
  • Onboarding - Bringing on new Clients

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